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David Paton – Discography

While you are probably familiar with David’s vocals and bass work as part of the bands The Alan Parsons Project and Pilot, you may not realize how much more there is out there.

Not only has he worked extensively with Elton John, Rick Wakeman, and Fish in the studio and live, he has been one of the most sought after bass players in the industry.

Below is a pretty long list of most of work. The list is not exhaustive. There are some other entries we will be adding shortly and of course there are a few things David may have forgotten.

Don’t run out and buy these expecting them to sound like Project or Pilot albums.

1968SingleBootsThe Animal in Me
1968SingleBootsKeep Your Lovelight Burning
1971SingleChrystianNursery Lane
119733AlbumThe Loreburn SingersBless This House
1974AlbumPilotFrom The Album of The Same Name
1974SingleScotch MistRa Ta Ta
1975AlbumPilotSecond Flight
1975SingleJack HarrisSail Away
1975SinglePilotLady Luck
1975AlbumDavid CourtneyFirst Day
1976AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectTales of Mystery & Imagination
1976AlbumPilotMorin Heights
1976AlbumWilliam LyallSolo Casting
1976SingleMarylin MillerYou've Got to Get Me Higher
1977AlbumPilotTwo's a Crowd
1977AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectI Robot
1977SinglePaul McCartney & WingsMull of Kintyre
1978AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectPyramid
1978AlbumDon Black & Geoff StephensDear Anyone
1978AlbumKate BushThe Kick Inside
1978AlbumKate BushLionheart
1979AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectEve
1979AlbumChris De BurghCrusader
1980AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Turn of A Friendly Card
1980AlbumPilotThe Best of Pilot
1981AlbumChris ReaChris Rea
1981AlbumElaine PaigeElaine Paige
1981AlbumJohn TownleyMore Than a Dream
1982AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectEye in the Sky
1982AlbumJimmy PageDeath Wish II (III) OST
1982AlbumCamelSingle Factor
1983AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Best of The Alan Parsons Project
1983AlbumAndrew Powell + LPOPlays the Best of The APP
1984AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectAmmonia Avenue
1984AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectVulture Culture
1984AlbumCamelStationary Traveller
1985AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectStereotomy
1985AlbumElton JohnIce on Fire
1985AlbumOriginal Motion Pic. S/TLadyhawke
1985AlbumVarious ArtistsPerformance-The Best of Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber
1986AlbumElton JohnLeather Jackets
1987AlbumElton JohnLive in Australia
1987AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectTales of Mystery & Imagination 87
1987AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectBest of Volume 2
1988AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Instrumental Works
1988AlbumElton JohnReg Strikes Back
1988SingleSilvia GriffinLove's a State of Mind
1988AlbumRick WakemanTime Machine
1988AlbumRick WakemanThe Word & The Gospels
1989AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectPop Classics (Compilation)
1989AlbumMatia BazarRed Corner
1989AlbumFrank RyanYou You
1989AlbumAleksander MežekPodarjeno Srcu
1990AlbumCatelina CaselliAmada Mia
1990AlbumRonPri Le Bracci E Poi Vola
1991AlbumRick WakemanThe Classical Connection
1991AlbumRick WakemanThe Classical Connection 2
1991AlbumRick WakemanThe New Gospels
1991AlbumRick WakemanSoftsword
1991AlbumCamelDust & Dreams
1991AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectPrime Time: The Alan Parsons Project Best
1991AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectAnthology (Connoisseur Collection)
1991AlbumFishInternal Exile
1991AlbumDavie PatonPassions Cry
1991AlbumRichard ThompsonSweet Talker
1992AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectAnthology (Italy)
1992AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectHits in the Sky (Hong Kong)
1992AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Best of the Alan Parsons Project (France)
1992AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Ultimate Collection
1992AlbumFishDerek Dick & His Amazing Electric Bear
1992AlbumFishFor Whom The Bell Tolls
1992AlbumFishThere's a Guy Works Down The Chip Shop...
1992AlbumFishToiling in the Reeperbahin
1992AlbumFishUncle Fish & The Crypt Creepers
1992AlbumThe River DetectivesElvis Has Left The Building
1993AlbumThe PretendersThe Last of the Independents
1993AlbumRick WakemanPrayers
1993AlbumFishSongs From the Mirror
1993AlbumFish/Various ArtistsOutpatients 93
1994SingleFishLady Let it Lie
1994AlbumFishLucky Bastards
1994AlbumFishFortunes of War
1994AlbumRick WakemanAlmost Live in Europe
1994AlbumCamelOn the Road 1982
1995AlbumFishAcoustic Sessions
1995AlbumFiona KennedyMaiden Heaven
1996AlbumBlair DouglasA Summer in Skye
1996AlbumRick WakemanOrisons
1996AlbumRick WakemanCan You Hear Me
1996AlbumCamelHarbour of Tears
1996AlbumDavie PatonFragments
1997AlbumGerry O' BeirneHalf Moon Bay
1997AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectGold Collection
1997AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Definitive Collection
1997AlbumConnie DoverIf I Ever Return
1997AlbumAndy M. StewartDonegal Rain
1998AlbumFishKettle of Fish
1998AlbumJohn McNairnBorderland
1998AlbumAlexander MesekPresented to the Heart
1998AlbumDick GaughanRedwood Cathedral
1999AlbumThe Alan Parsons Project36 All-Time Greatest Hits
1999AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectEye in the Sky: The Encore Collection
1999AlbumThe Alan Parsons ProjectMaster Hits: The Heritage Series
1999AlbumTannasSuileandubh (Dark Eyes)
1999AlbumMargaret CallanFaileasan Uibhist
1999SingleDonnie Munro with Holly ThomasWill You Walk on By
1999AlbumFishThe Complete BBC Sessions
2000AlbumDonnie MunroDonnie Munro
2001AlbumV.A. (Tribute to Kevin Wilkinson)Green Indians
2002AlbumV.A. The Music of Marc Bolan & T RexLegacy
2002AlbumKenny HerbertThe Last Song in Abbey Road
2002SingleKenny HerbertA Man's a Man for A' That
2002SingleKenny HerbertLive The Life
2002SingleKenny HerbertMoney Tree Fun
2002SingleKenny HerbertEver Changing Times
2002SingleKenny HerbertI Can't Imagine Christmas Without You
2002AlbumDonnie MunroAcross the City and the World
2002SingleDonnie MunroShe Knows Love
2002SingleDonnie MunroThe Weaver of Grass
2002AlbumHolly ThomasOubliette
2002AlbumPilotBlue Yonder
2003AlbumNobby ClarkIf Only
2003AlbumRay WilsonChange
2003AlbumDavid PatonThe Search
2006AlbumBeagle HatThe Magical Hat
2006AlbumKenny Herbert & Rob HowatSongs of Our Lives
2007AlbumDavid PatonFellow Man
2007AlbumPilotThe Craighall Demos 71:76
2008AlbumNobby ClarkOn the Inside
2009AlbumEric WoolfosnEric Woolfson Sings the Alan Parsons Project That Never Was
2009AlbumBeagle HatOrange Groove
2010AlbumRococoRun From the Wildfire
2010AlbumThe Apple BeggarsAnother Positive Line
2010AlbumDavid PatonUnder The Sun
2013AlbumSheepTokyo Sheepest Pop
2014AlbumPilotA Pilot Project
2019AlbumDavid PatonThe Traveller: Another Pilot Project
2020AlbumDavid Paton2020

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