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The Magic Collection:

Because of lockdown, I’ve spent most of my days in the studio recording and experimenting with ideas. This is where the recordings for The Magic Collection began.

It has been a very productive time for me, I felt very at home with the Pilot songs and spent a lot of time listening to the albums and picking out my favourites.

I’m really delighted with the end result and I believe that the music has adapted well to a more modern approach. Pilot music does have a timeless quality to it so reworking the songs has been a very enjoyable task.

I hope Pilot fans are happy with the new interpretations. Thank you all for your continued support.


Track List.


01. Magic 2021

02. January

03. Over the moon

04. Just a smile

05. Lucky for Some

06. Canada

07. Lovely Lady Smile

08. Penny in my pocket

09. Out of touch

10. To you alone

11. High into the sky

12. You’re devotion

13. Sky Blue



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