Fellow Man – David Paton


Fellow Man – David Paton


Many songs were considered and rejected for this album, some of them might evolve and be used at a later time, for now, I'm happy to release this collection as my album for 2007. I hope that it is enjoyed for what it is. We ask that you please be patient with regard to mail outs, we are a small company but will guarantee delivery within 21 days.

I set off for Australia in August 2007 for a series of concerts. I took with me a working title for the album, a few notes on final lyrics and a rough idea of the running order. I met Uncle Max Eulo (one of Australia's most well known Aboriginal personalities and elders) at a ceremony in St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney. When I was introduced to Uncle Max his words to me were 'You've come a long way', the opening lines to 'Fellow man' and I realised then that I had a title for the album.

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Dimensions 10 × 1 × 10 cm

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