Pilot Magic


The Magic Collection

Music from David Paton and Pilot

It’s no easy task recording music that already has an identity, reproducing sounds that were recorded almost 50 years ago is a challenge must be done with precision, expertise and passion.

Many hours were spent working on the Pilot songs to make them sound exciting and contemporary. In some cases, new ideas and arrangements unfolded as the songs began to take shape, adding that extra punch and freshness to the music.

So here I am, flying the flag for Pilot, and I’m excited about this album; I’ve gone full circle and back to reliving the Pilot music all over again.

And Pilot music is very much alive on The Magic Collection. It has been a nostalgia trip of pure joy.

I hope Pilot fans enjoy this collection of songs as much as I did in putting the album together.

Many thanks to Ian Bairnson for his amazing guitar work on January and Penny in my Pocket.

To Sadie Paton for superb backing vocals on January, Lucky for some, Canada, Penny in my Pocket, Out of Touch and You’re Devotion.

All other instruments, vocals, programming and production by David Paton

A big thank you to my friend Kenny Herbert for the Artwork kennyherbertdesign.co.uk/

To Kirk Kiester for website design www.davidpaton.com  www.davidpatonsongs.com

To Scott Porter www.digitalengine.co.uk for his web design www.pilot-magic.com

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