Orange Groove – Beagle Hat – Autographed limited Edition


“Orange Groove” follows on from “Magical Hat” in the David Paton/Beagle Hat collaborations. Both of these Beagle Hat CDs have reached cult status in a very short time and they are sought after by record collectors the world over. In other words, a Beagle Hat CD compliments any serious record collectors prized albums. The songs sound familiar in the same way as any classic song sounds from any major established group. It’s only after a couple of listens that you realise it’s the sound of Beagle Hat, a very original and distinctive sound it is too. The Japanese influence and the classic rock music structures blend magnificently well. It’s a marriage made in heaven for Beagle Hat and David Paton.

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Orange Groove - Beagle Hat

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Dimensions 10 × 1 × 10 cm

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